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Is this a mosquito?

The Real Cuba of 1990

Recently we have witnessed several testimonies for and comparisons between some of the surviving socialist (communist) regimes and the western countries. Leonidas has visited at least a score of countries and found that the most fascinating such visit was a 5 week cruise of the North coast of Cuba during the early 1990’s aboard his 34' sail boat. A reasonable command of the Spanishh language was extremely useful in avoiding reliance on government “guides” and translators.

True California Horror Story

In May of 1994 my wife and I wound up owning a 120 acre ranch in extreme northern California. It was beautiful and overlooking the Klamath river with meadows and lots of timber. We were self sufficient regarding power, water etc. with no grid access. Part of the ranch was on the Yurok Indian reservation and we had an excellent relationship with both the tribal members who were our neighbors as well as the tribal bureaucracy. After moving in we improved the fallen down shack which existed there into a beautiful home.

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