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Websites, blogs, social networking, e-commerce,  and server based business systems is what we do... let us surprise you with what can be done. 

We provide this free community site for you as a hands on approach to learning this new technology. Free open source tools that will change the future ways we do business and interact socially.

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Will this be the future form that the computer will take, will this change the way we see a PC, and how we use social media?  Learn about the evolving paradigm of  open source, participate with us.

This site provides all the social media tools of Facebook and more.  A directory of business locations, and local information is built by you and can be used by you for marketing, networking,social needs, and a variety of business applications. They say data is the new oil, this site is represents the state of the art technology for data management, your site your data, and the best tool to work with data, in your hands !    

What is different about this site is that it is administered by you and the community it serves.

All our applications are based on a web platform known as Drupal. If you would like more information about the services we can provide or would like to administer one of these community sites for your County please...

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