Douglas County Sheriff 2016

My name is Ken Black and I am ​running for Douglas County Sheriff 2016.
 I am 38 years old and have been married to Kari Black for 18 years. 
We have four children. Daniel [17],  Courtney [16],  
Adam and Amanda [13].
I was born and raised in Douglas County.
I am a Deacon at Cowan Mill Church. 
I worked for the Douglas County Sheriff Office for 12 years.
I chair a committee with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for  Law Enforcement.
I am certified with Safe Kids Douglas in proper use of child restraints. 
I worked on the Heat Unit for 4 years which is a Grant through the Governors Office of Highway Safety.
I have 1369 training hours through POST 
As Sheriff, I would like to continue the work that Sheriff Phil Miller has done. There is a 80% misuse of child restraints in Douglas County, so I would like to add more certified car seat techs to make sure our children are safe, to reduce the percentage of misuse. I would like to also work closer with Madd to make sure if we have a victim in our county, the deputies know how to help the families cope with their loss. Our kids are the future, and we should do everything we can to protect them from as many dangers as we can. I will continue to enforce traffic laws in this county to prevent vehicle and pedestrian fatalities. I will continue the Care program for the kids to help them as they are stepping into the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle. I would like to have more involvement with our schools to continue to educate kids on drinking and driving and drug usage. 
Crime rates in our county need to be reduced. I can not do this alone, and I need everyone's help with this. I would like to add to our neighborhood watch programs by having quarterly meetings with them letting them know whats going on in the county and things to be looking for. I would also implement a radio program and ask the homeowners associations to purchase a radio that would allow Deputies and citizens to communicate. This would allow the deputies while patrolling  neighborhoods, or looking for someone, to communicate with our citizens. This would also build a better relationship between our deputies and citizens. I would also allow businesses to purchase the radios for the same purpose, communication. The more communication we have, the more criminals we will catch working together. 
I want to continue to make Douglas County a safe place to live and raise our families.  I need everyone in this county to come together and work as one community.  
 I need your support in the 2016 election.