On the Streets, Whats on Sale?

Merchant accounts cost $100.00 per year... a bargain at the moment! 

This account permits you to use your community site as a marketing tool, this is what can be done ...

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Wait, what's a community site?
You have full control of  your page, and the HTML editor.  Now you can make your page as nice as you like... update it as often as you like. You can post marketing reminders to clients or prospects that will remind you to call them back at a future date. Use the sites database to sell you goods or services. In addition you are now a site administrator and can tell us how to run the site and benefit from what we do.


With only $150.00 you can get started with your own custom application. Try using the worlds most advanced technology, today!

Our core product and service costs $725.00 plus $25.00 per month. Pay only $150.00 and then our monthly $25.00 fee and you can pay us the $575.00 balance within the year... interest free! If you are at any time are dissatisfied with the technology and service we offer, just discontinue the service, and you will not be responsible for the balance due. 

New features are added as the technology changes, new employees need training, articles and products are posted to the site, we can do as much or as little as you like. This is the inner beauty of open source, it belongs to you, if you wish you can do this all yourself, in house, or you can outsource to us. We hope to build an ongoing relationship with you, keeping things running well and up to date. These additional services are provided and billed on a per ticket (event) basis.

Our service includes a starter custom site, instruction, maintenance, privileges on our community sites.

Start today, if for no other reason than to get to know what your competition will be using in the future.