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Douglas County Sheriff 2016

My name is Ken Black and I am ​running for Douglas County Sheriff 2016.
 I am 38 years old and have been married to Kari Black for 18 years. 
We have four children. Daniel [17],  Courtney [16],  
Adam and Amanda [13].
I was born and raised in Douglas County.
I am a Deacon at Cowan Mill Church. 
I worked for the Douglas County Sheriff Office for 12 years.
I chair a committee with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) for  Law Enforcement.

Seamstress or Tailor Wanted

Seamstress or Tailor wanted to run an independent tailor shop at  Located at 155 Liberty Road in Villa Rica,  Georgia 404 520 3333

Ann Jones Guider


Work at Home, Sales Representative Wanted-Full or Part Time

WORK FROM HOME... Do you have people skills can you sell? If you can use Facebook we can train you to provide our web services for local clients.     We are seeking individuals to build these sites.  If you can operate Facebook we can show you how to design pageWe  sWe are seeking individuals to build these sites.  If you can operate Facebook we can show you how to design pages   


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Not ! Open Source Technology

Is this a mosquito?

There is an election comming...

State House of Representatives

District 66 On July 31 Bob Snelling, Mike Miller and Mickey Thompson will face off for the Republican candidate to the State House of Representatives. The Republican winner will face Democrat Kim Alexander in the November general election. The new redistricted 66 is northern Douglas County and southern Paulding County.   See Here

Candidates Websites


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